Monday, November 16, 2009


My twentieth birthday weekend just passed. I got tons of lovely gifts from my friends and had a great weekend! However, I am also away from my family and friends so I'm sure they have no idea what to get me besides cash, for my birthday or christmas! So I thought I'd make a wishlist. I often fake internet shop to curb my shopping addiction so I've added up quite a list.

Know Your Mushrooms

Divacup model one (a little intimidating, but theoretically more environmentally friendly)
Babbel Italian Lessons

Secret Kisses Shirt (womens american apparel xl)

Peanut butter! Only smooth.

Infinite stash looseleaf teas (This one's on dad)

Oh dear gosh i want this Tea Stick so bad!!!!

Killer Zombie Heels, every time I look for these they are out of stock though! (In a US ten)
Things from Fred Flare:

Dead Sexy - Tokyo Milk Perfume

Wish Jewelery

And anything else off my wishlist from FF.

I'm looking forward too seeing all my family and friends and to be truthful I don't care if I get coal for christmas! I am just excited to see them.

A few other small things that aren't really presents but that I need, just as a reminder to myself. Costco run!
Cocunut oil, Dove shampoo & soap, Nail file, Pillow, hairbands, febreeze, crystal light singles, maple oatmeal, maple syrup, tide to go, towel, q-tips, aveeno, drisdan, crest total cinnamon toothpaste

Beautiful Things of Late I've Found

One of the only guilty pleasures that I'm actually guilty about is stumble upon. However sifting through alot of crap every once in a while you find some really beautiful things. Here are just a few things that I've found with and sometimes without stumble that I love. I hope they make your heart swell, your breath sigh and your lips smile. Enjoy.

A boy in a good pair of slacks and a suit vest will get me every time I think.
Done by Ben Watts

A boy who sings to me will definitely get my heart, oh Mr. Vernon.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love - Une Soiree de Poche from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Oh Johnny boy.
Found on vi.sualize

This makes my heart fly like a helium balloon gone loose.

And lastly I'm not sure who this is so I can't credit it. Darn stumble only showing me the image and not the website. Whomever did it they are wonderful.

And with that, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. But if you cant help it, I hope your bed bug's no bandit, and holds you close until morning's approach.

The Home of Hamlet

So it's about a week after I got back from Denmark and I think I am finally ready to make a post about it.

On a Thursday afternoon I had just packed up all my things, including all of the snacks I made the night before (sandwiches and chips!) and was on my way to the studio to print my tickets. By the time i had everything in order I had just missed the 12 30 bus by one minute and had to wait for the 1. Just the beginning of a day of waiting.

My Flight got delayed for an hour so I waited at the airport for about two and a half hours. Which wasn't so bad because I had just started Leonard Cohen's first novel The Favorite Game. When I got to my stop over in Frankfurt I had about a four hour wait. There wasn't much at this terminal of the airport so I found come goodies and settled down for some good girl time.

I drew this little guy on the plane! Where I had a seat between me and another guy in a row of three. So lovely!

Finally I arrived in Copenhagen to see Lene! Who lived with me when she was in highschool and I was two as an exchange student! I hadn't seen her in nine years! We just went straight to bed at her friends Gavin's house and I woke up the next morning to see swans on the canal outside! Probably the most amazing morning ever.

Then we joined them on the water in a boat bus and went to a town inside the city called Christiania. Which was a commune of people living illegally on old military land and in the barracks there. It was so beautiful because people were building whatever they want there despite the strict Danish building laws.

There are alot of drugs so it's in debate what should happen to the people who live there. Even those who have families not involved with that aspect and have been living there for years.

On the water it had more swans and birds that this pup was watching.

It also has some of the most wonderful graffiti I've ever seen.

Then we went to the National Gallery but no photos allowed inside. I saw real live Munch's which was amazing! Then we drove to Lene's town Odense and went out for drinks at one of her local cafe's.

Next day we had cheddar cheese for breakfast!! (We don't have any in Italy.) I got a block to take home with me. The plan of the day was to go shopping in city centre at Lene's favourite store! I was really impressed by the fact that they had sizes that fit me and also subtle artistic talent I found in the centre of the square.

I had the rest of the day to relax as Lene and her boyfriend Jan had previous plane. Since I had spent all my money I just spent the rest of the day lounging and watching Disney movies. All while wearing my new jacket! Later that night Lene's parents came over for a traditional Danish christmas dinner. I had these lovely beet patties instead of the meat and luckily everything else was vegetarian!

My last day I figured I had to do at least one extremely touristy thing so we went to Hans Christian Anderson's place of birth which is now a museum. I wanted Hansy's bed! It was cozy and under the stairs.

The Houses were so beautiful and if I was rich and moved to Denmark this is definitely where I would live.

There was also a few print shops around which was exciting, but sadly there were closed on Sundays. I have this really horrible shot of an old press used to print Hansy's books but it's such a beautiful piece of machinery it needs to be a part of the photos anyway.

After some lunch we traveled about an hour to Lene's school which I was really excited to see not only to see where Lene worked but also to go horseback riding! We took a trail through the forest and it was I think the best moment of the trip for me. To be on a horse in a forest with colourful leaves falling and to be able to smell two of my favourite smells (horse and autumn) at once was amazing!

It was a bit of a busy day so we just stayed home and watched Hairspray and next day I had to take a train into Copenhagan for the plane. Lene and I had to part ways once again!

Luckily I was cheered up at the airport by sweet sweeeeeeet starbucks chai latte and boxed tea (they don't have chai in Italy anywhere!) Also, toblerone and granola bars were my lunch.

And finally just before the sun set on my first of my two flights home I grabbed this shot.

And that basically sums up my journey.
I love Denmark.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So there is this woman and she was on an airplane

First off I just want to let everyone know that this beautiful photo in my banner was taken by Mr. Shane Fester. My lovely housemate and a very talented photographer! Check out his rad blog!

So today was an amazing day! First I got up early and managed to take out money for class, a miracle considering class was at 9!

Then once we got to our meeting place we found out our art history teacher, Peter Porsal, was sick! And we were all very sad but ended up going to this amazing exhibit at Palazzo Strazzi called Art and Imagination all about deception and tricks of the eye from renaissance to present. I got these really wicked holographic postcards that were outrageously priced but i just had to get them! (Sorry for the bad photo quality!)

Then my housemates and I went to pay our rent at 12, we've been putting it off since the first!

And then I went straight to the studio where I worked on my painting until three and then had a critique with my teacher. I think it went well and after we booked me in for some portrait modeling in class! A little weird but I am excited! Now I am done my last directed project! On to self study, which is exciting and scary all at the same time! It was such a relief to be done anyway, everyone is still at the studio staying up all night to finish for tomorrow! After I had some free time so I finished a drawing from life modeling class, I really like how it turned out! While watching Gossip Girl with my friend Tamara, yes one of my many not-at-all-guilty-about-it pleasures!

Finally on the way home I went and got a SIM card for my cell phone! Phone in 24 hours! And I went grocery shopping to make some food for the air plane, because tomorrow I fly off to Denmark to see my friend Lene! She was an exchange student who lived with my family when i was young for a year when she was in highschool. I am really excited about traveling to another european country! I plan to make sandwiches with fried mushrooms and zucchinis, tofu cooked in soy sauce, sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese on my favourite chiabatta buns from the supermarket! Vegetarian DE-light.

Unfortunately when I got home my roof was leaking and water had gotten in my makeup because its been pouring all day! But Shane had put some bowls down so the puddles weren't too bad and no water got inside of the cases! Woo hoo!

Now I'm sitting in my room listening to Bright Eyes, about to pack and make dinner and maybe watch a movie!

What a wonderfully productive dayyyyy!

When I get back from my trip on Monday night I'll post some pictures of my painting and drawing and of my travels! Bon voyage!

Monday, November 2, 2009

First Day of My Life

Ciao, my name is Allie Morag,

I've been thinking about starting a blog for ages now. I've even had this file since mid-summer. I'm still not really decided what it will be about yet. I think that was the main thing stopping me. So I've just decided to make it about everything!

Somethings to expect: Things I find that I like, beautiful little ditties, my art, my writing, fashion, and other things I get up to.

If anything I'm hoping for this to be a little memory box of my sojourn studying abroad in Italy, which started in September and will last until April.

Now it's the time for blankets and wool sweaters. It is my most beloved seasons but also one with the most potential for cheese (I recommend the song Autumn's Here by Hawksley Workman, even he admitted it gets a bit cheesy in the middle). So I leave you with this silly little quote and well wishes.