Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's starting to get warm here in Florence. The crocus and daffodil are making their first appearances.

Many many things have happened between my last post and now; I've been to Rome for the first time, I went to an amazing art biennale in Bologna, I went to beautiful countryside cities of Assisi, Laverna, Parma and Mantova, and most recently St. Patrick's Day celebrations were wild.

In that time I also changed my whole plan for what I was going to do this semester. Instead of printmaking I decided to do illustrations in pen and watercolour. And if I had told of this when i decided about two months ago it would be a new development to say that I am now going to add some photos into this.


I could overwhelm the blog with all 100 pieces I plan to have in our end of year show but I'll just show you a few for now, maybe add some later. I don't have all the frames yet so it is not mounted yet.

What I am trying to capture in my work is that simplictis and small is more meaningful and beautiful than anything else. It remains even when large falls short. I hope that I can bring the wonder in the details and fleeting moments that I see to everyone that sees my art.