Monday, June 6, 2011

letters for a long lost lover {the road to forgetting}

Recently I did a class that had a residency at the Artscape Gibraltor Point on Toronto Island with Tara Cooper. The class was super cool and I got to camp in the rain for a week. Thankfully I had the mother of all tents.

Anyway the first project was called the suitcase project and we had to take a bunch of different collections from the Island using our environment as our influence and inspiration.

The first thing that came to my mind was where I keep my suitcases, which is under my bed filled with things I don't have room for. So that got me thinking about other things people want to hide and don't have room for in their daily lives.

What I made was a collection of letters and drawings that were either meant to be sent to someone (but never were) or belong to someone that wants to keep them (but keep them a secret).

I made a box out of paper and thread, lined it with hand printed paper from Venice, then filled it with hand made envelopes. In each envelope is a letter and a watercolour.

Letters for a long lost lover or The road to forgetting