Tuesday, February 1, 2011

everything is plans

i'm really just starting to get down to the thick of things.

i'm preparing myself to have no life and trying ever so hard to get my butt out of bed even when i don't have class. i recently just found out that i messed up my classes so now i only have two days of school a week after dropping an extra course that i was taking. this is making it even harder to get my early morning motivation going. but here is what i have been up to anyway. mostly at ten at night in my kitchen.

a life size sketch that i did from memory. a rough set of plans for my thesis. the people are not going to be in the final product. it will be a 5.5 foot tall hospital bed constructed and all covered in fabric. underneath is going to be a toy box, with the pattern printed on fabric and constructed, then filled with hospital things. today i'm planning out the mathematical calculations of the toy box. it's going to be a busy semester.

this section actually turned out to be my favourite of the whole drawing and what made me finish the figures and make it more of a drawing, instead of just a plan for my thesis. it's me and my dad.

here's a little story i remembered from the time in my life while drawing. i just left it on there.

i printed some of the objects i plan to craft on the paper over the toy box so that i could submit this through print for the figure show at ocad. i find out later this week if i get in or not.

also here are some cards and envelopes i printed. fuck me, it's valentines day.

if you want some wicked cards, shirts, bands and to hang out with some wicked printmakers you should come out to the thesis fundraiser at the garrison.

if you miss that we'll also be in the lobby all day friday. rocking the haggard, hangover, awesome look.

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