Monday, November 16, 2009


My twentieth birthday weekend just passed. I got tons of lovely gifts from my friends and had a great weekend! However, I am also away from my family and friends so I'm sure they have no idea what to get me besides cash, for my birthday or christmas! So I thought I'd make a wishlist. I often fake internet shop to curb my shopping addiction so I've added up quite a list.

Know Your Mushrooms

Divacup model one (a little intimidating, but theoretically more environmentally friendly)
Babbel Italian Lessons

Secret Kisses Shirt (womens american apparel xl)

Peanut butter! Only smooth.

Infinite stash looseleaf teas (This one's on dad)

Oh dear gosh i want this Tea Stick so bad!!!!

Killer Zombie Heels, every time I look for these they are out of stock though! (In a US ten)
Things from Fred Flare:

Dead Sexy - Tokyo Milk Perfume

Wish Jewelery

And anything else off my wishlist from FF.

I'm looking forward too seeing all my family and friends and to be truthful I don't care if I get coal for christmas! I am just excited to see them.

A few other small things that aren't really presents but that I need, just as a reminder to myself. Costco run!
Cocunut oil, Dove shampoo & soap, Nail file, Pillow, hairbands, febreeze, crystal light singles, maple oatmeal, maple syrup, tide to go, towel, q-tips, aveeno, drisdan, crest total cinnamon toothpaste

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